Absentee applications will be sent out in a couple of weeks, please remember to select which style of ballot you would like, Republican or Democrat.

By checking the box, you will be on the permanent BALLOT list and starting in 2024 will just receive a ballot and no more applications. There will be NO more permanent application list.

Return applications and ballots now have postage paid envelopes.

Ballots are not available until 40 days before an election, for the February 27, 2024, Presidential Primary election that will be January 18, 2024. REMEMBER you must choose a Republican or Democrat ballot before I can mail you one. If you are on the permanent ballot list, you will be receiving a postcard to return for your ballot selection.

There is a State approved ballot drop box on the east side of the Amber Town Hall, by the main entrance door and you can drop your applications and ballots in there.

If you e-mail me your application it MUST BE IN TRUE FORM SIZE, with both signatures visible I cannot edit and enlarge it, so it is best if you SCAN it, rather than take a picture.

Any questions please call or e-mail me.

Theresa Rohde, Amber Township Clerk


[email protected]