Amber Township Hall may be rented to Amber residents and non-residents.  It may be used for many functions, including receptions, graduation parties, meetings, and family reunions.

The maximum occupancy of the hall is 60 people.  For outdoor use, the hall also has four picnic tables available.

The rental agreement and the deposit must be received to secure your date.  The hall rental fee is due at least one week before the rental date. The rental deposit will be mailed to you after the inspection of the rental.

Visit our Forms and Contracts page for the rental agreement. View the calendar page to check for availability, then call the Amber Township Clerk: Theresa Rohde 231-613-5533.

Rental costs are as follows:

Private Rental / Amber Township Resident: $125.00 PER DAY (Deposit $150)

Non-Amber Township resident: $175.00 PER DAY (Deposit $200)

Anyone renting the hall must abide by the following rules:

Rental Rules

  1. Hall rental is for Amber Township Residents and Non-Amber Township residents or by permission of the Township Board.
  2. No animals are allowed on the property.
  3. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on the property.
  4. No smoking is allowed inside the building.
  5. Doors must be locked, and all lights turned off at closing.
  6. No chalk usage is allowed on the sidewalk or driveway.

Responsibilities of Hall Renter

  1. Chairs and tables must be cleaned and put back to their proper location prior to leaving.
  2. You must furnish your own supplies.
  3. No tape, tacks, nails, and/or screws are allowed on the inside walls or ceiling.
  4. Clean and remove ALL garbage from the hall, including restrooms and outside.
  5. Report any damage to the rental agent. The hall must be vacated by 10 pm.
  6. Required to vacuum and clean all rooms, including kitchen and bathroom, leaving the hall in the same condition as you found it.